IIE Mission: to promote and support technological innovation
within Mexico´s electric industry,
its suppliers and users, through applied research,
technological development, and specialized technical services.


Table of contents


Research and Development

Steam Generation Processes in Power Plants

Physics and Chemistry of Fuel and Materials

Control Systems Integration

Real-Time Integral Information Systems

Process Emulators for Equipment Testing

Simulators for Operator Training

Power Plant Engineering

Performance Analysis and Remaining Life Extension of Steam and Gas Turbines, and Compressors

Diagnostic and Dynamic Analysis Systems for Rotating Machinery

Electrical Rotating Machines

Development and Exploitation of Geothermal Resources

Nuclear Process Modeling

Nuclear Fuel Management

Risk Analysis

Research and Technological Development to Tap non Conventional Energy Sources

Transmission Systems

Distribution Systems

Electric Power Systems Analysis, Simulation and Control

Expansion and Operation Planning of Electric Power Systems

Design and Operation of Electric Substations

Switchgear and Transformers

Characterization of Degrading Mechanisms of Insulating Materials

Materials Development and its Application to Electrical Equipment

Behavior of Structures

Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Demand-Side Management

Industrial Electrical Systems

Methods and Techniques for the Efficient Use of Energy

Advanced Information Systems for the Electric Sector

Intelligent Graphic Systems

Communication Systems

Support Activities

Business Development and Technological


International Relations

Technical Divisions