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MIT students and teachers visit INEEL

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• The students along with their teachers got to know some of our laboratories.

• Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez, Chairman of the INEEL´s Board of Directors as well as Energy Planning and Transition Undersecretary of the Energy Secretariat of Mexico welcomed our visitors.

April 5, 2017. On March 27, the National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy (INEEL by its Spanish acronym) received a group of students and academics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at its facilities in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The purpose of their visit was to learn about the projects being developed by our Institute in regards of energy sustainability. The topic was presented by Víctor Alejandro Salcido González, Environmental Sustainability Program Coordinator at INEEL, who talked about the history of Cuernavaca and its climate and natural goodness. He also emphasized that massive growth threatens the sustainability of cities and the quality of urban life. Salcido said that massive urbanization could lead to social instability, weakening cities´ ability to be environmentally sustainable and economically successful.

Alejandro Salcido also stated that we need a new model of sustainability, which includes greater incentives to save energy, reduce consumption and protect the environment while also increasing the levels of citizen wellbeing. We require, he said, innovative visions in emerging cities to reduce the impact on the environment and create places that increase social cohesion and accelerate human interaction in education, health and employment, to improve the quality of life of a growing percentage of the world population. To achieve this goal Salcido said that the cities of the future requires transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to address properly the urban development challenges facing emerging cities. He concluded saying that in the future, innovative technologies and approaches will create considerable market opportunities to transform existing conurbations into efficient, attractive and resilient cities.

David McGee, a professor at MIT, briefly explained the program being run by his institute, which allows some of his students to interact with experts on the subject, as well as with organizations and research centers that, in the same way, carry out works and projects on the subjects of their careers, mainly in the area of science and engineering.

Distributed in groups, students and teachers visited our atmospheric monitoring station and our labs of fuel cells and smart grids, and then returned to the auditorium.

Leonardo Beltran Rodriguez, Undersecretary of Planning and Energy Transition of the Mexican Energy Secretariat (SENER by its Spanish acronym) and President of INEEL´s Board of Directors welcomed them. After welcoming them to Mexico and the Institute, Leonardo Beltran spoke to them about the Mexican energy reform and its implications, and let them know that Mexico is on the road to a transformation that will enable the Country to face the challenges of energy and environmental sustainability.

This event gave INEEL the chance to reaffirm its commitment to maintain effective relations with similar institutions in other countries and with academic and technological research institutes in Mexico and worldwide.

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